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Cynology and sports cynology are dedicated to over thirty years. It all began with childlike love and a great desire to have a dog.

So after the various mini substitute animals, the golden wild and spicy Cocker Spaniel came to their first home.

That's where the German shepherds joined you, watching every move and your every gesture, and if they let their age limit, they would accompany you all your life.

And from the village back to the city. So something smaller ...

Stafordka and another to her, not to be sad. Amazing social girls, many of whom are unfair to these breeds, are wrong.

From town to nature, Šumava ...

We live in Šumava for a few years, so here is a good dog.

After staford's departure, Cane Corso's love for the breed has won, and Dorothy has been living with us for two years from Riganonna.

As a representative of the Cane Corso breed who inhabit the Italian mountains, Dorothy lives in the Bohemian Corsairs and is satisfied in the beautiful Šumava countryside.

That is why the story of Shumam is just starting, this year we founded the breeding station Gaia Antheia.